9 Questions to Ask Your NetSuite Consultant

Utilizing NetSuite is one of the best decisions you could make for your business in this digital age. This cloud-based business software suite caters to every facet of a company’s comprehensive computerized needs, offering ERP (Enterprise Resource Planning), CRM (Customer Relationship Management), PSA (Professional Services Automation), and eCommerce from a single, unified database of vital information. When you embark on the journey to upgrade or switch to NetSuite, you’ll need to partner with a competent, trustworthy professional. Your NetSuite consultant will be at your side as you streamline your workflows, automate key processes, and, ultimately, boom your business. With this in mind, SCS Cloud’s team of seasoned specialists want to help you understand how to properly assess a potential NetSuite advisor’s aptitude. In the following blog, learn the top nine questions to ask your NetSuite Consultant.

Ask these 9 questions:

  • What are your credentials?

  • Is your consultancy a NetSuite Solution Provider?

  • Can you custom-develop my NetSuite system?

  • Do you offer implementation services?

  • Will you train me and my team in using NetSuite?

  • Do you offer tech support?

  • How long do you typically work with your clients?

  • Can you show me any case studies of your work?

  • What are the latest developments in NetSuite?

1.  What are your credentials?

This may seem like a far too basic question, but the reality is that many amateur tech enthusiasts attempt to pass themselves off as professionals without appropriate qualifications. Although the world of cloud-based business software can seem intimidatingly technical and overwhelmed with jargon, you should hold your NetSuite consultant to the same standards as you would any specialist you hire. A few key points to hit with your possible advisor include:

  • How long he or she has been studying, training in, and working with At SCS Cloud, our team has combined decades of experience.
  • How many projects he or she has successfully completed. For example, our CEO, Derek, has worked on NetSuite projects in more than 20 countries, implementation consultant, Terry, has deployed software in a variety of industries, and our developer, Dmitry, has delivered hundreds of e-Learning apps and webpages to
  • What his or her area of expertise within NetSuite As you likely already know, NetSuite is a bundle of versatile applications, and these can all be deployed in different ways for diverse business segments. Understanding your prospective consultant’s particular NetSuite niche can help you determine if he or she is a good fit. For example, if you own an online boutique, you might be more inclined to hire an advisor with special skill in eCommerce.

Ascertaining the answers to these questions can help you judge if your potential NetSuite consultant has the knowledge you need to succeed.

2.  Is your consultancy a NetSuite Solution Provider?

NetSuite as a company wants its customers to excel with the assistance of outstanding, qualified consultants. As such, it recognizes and awards those firms that do exceptional work with its cloud-based business software suite. The top consultancies earn the distinction of

NetSuite Solution Provider. SCS Cloud is a NetSuite Solution Provider in the “Entrepreneurial Cloud Consultant” category.

We gained this prestigious partnership with NetSuite by maintaining a knowledgeable sales team, adhering to strict “technical certification requirements” to continually demonstrate our skills, providing “executive sponsorship by vendor senior management,” demonstrating ability in “technology specialization,” and meeting “business planning requirements” In exchange for earning this designation, SCS Cloud receives elite, exclusive training in the latest NetSuite developments, gain access to “proven sales and marketing resources,” and other advantages that allow us to better serve our clients.

When you collaborate with a consultancy that merits the distinction of NetSuite Solution Provider, you can feel assured that you’re receiving exceptional advisement. This title is a vote of confidence straight from the source of the software itself.

3.  Can you custom develop my NetSuite system?

NetSuite’s multifaceted features are what make it the top cloud-based business software system on the market today. In order to take full advantage of these, however, you need to be able to adapt your NetSuite programs to your exact needs. For this reason, it is especially beneficial to work with a NetSuite consultancy that also offers custom development. At SCS Cloud, our team of advanced programmers can code your NetSuite to your exact specifications, allowing you to enjoy everything this software has to offer.

4.  Do you offer implementation services?

When you transition to NetSuite or upgrade your system, it can be easy to forget the crucial final step in this process: implementation. This is the process of making your consulting concepts and custom developed programs truly work for your business, deploying them so you and your team can actually use them. To make sure you don’t ignore the importance of implementation and can take full advantage of NetSuite, it’s a good idea to partner with a consultant that understands this phase. For example, at SCS Cloud, Terry is our dedicated implementation consultant. She is available to assist clients in preparing for and executing this significant step.

5.  Will you train me and my team in using NetSuite?

In addition to helping companies purchase and design their cloud-based business software systems, quality NetSuite consultants are there to instruct executives and employees alike in these programs. After all, at the end of the day, your team needs to feel comfortable finding information in your new NetSuite applications and leveraging it to improve your business. At SCS Cloud, we offer a variety of training services, from on-site seminars to online tutorials. Understanding what your prospective NetSuite consultant provides in terms of training can help you decide if he or she is a good fit for you.

6.  Do you offer tech support?

As anyone who has ever used business software knows, even the most exceptional systems can occasionally encounter errors. To help handle these glitches and ensure your NetSuite programs operate well, it can be a valuable bonus if your consultant also offers ongoing assistance. At SCS Cloud, we provide phone and email support to give our clients peace of mind and keep their NetSuite systems in top shape.

7.  How long do you typically work with your clients?

NetSuite is a cloud-based business software system that your business will likely use for decades to come. With this in mind, it might be helpful to get a sense of the relationships a prospective consultant builds with his or her clients. If you have a question three years from now, can you call your adviser for help? Is your consultant likely to help you set up your system, then disappear? Understanding where you stand with your advisor in the long-term can help you choose an appropriate consultant for your needs. SCS Cloud is proud to form lasting relationships with our clientele so we can ensure NetSuite suits their needs for many years to come.

8.  Can you show me any case studies of your work?

One of the best ways to gain insight on a consultant’s true capabilities is to check out his or her past projects. Case studies will help you understand your advisor’s abilities, approach, strengths, weaknesses, and areas of special expertise. At SCS Cloud, we’ve published a few of our most popular case studies on our website and are happy to provide more.

9.  What are the latest developments in NetSuite?

NetSuite is constantly advancing its applications in order to better serve its customers. Qualified consultants stay informed of these updates so they can help their clients leverage them. At SCS Cloud, we regularly attend trainings, conferences, and briefings to expand our NetSuite knowledge. We also share NetSuite news on our blog.

SCS Cloud’s Consultants Are Here to Answer Your Questions

Do you have any other good questions for potential NetSuite advisors? Are you looking for advice on choosing a consultant? Would you like to learn more about SCS Cloud’s services? Contact us today to find out more and schedule your free consultation.

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