8 Computerized Conundrums a NetSuite Consultant Can Solve

We truly are living in a digital age: we communicate, shop, purchase, organize, and run businesses on our devices. The Internet and modern computing has revolutionized nearly every aspect of life and, for the most part, enhanced it. However, as anyone who’s ever used this technology knows, for all the problems it solves, it can also cause quite a few. This is particularly evident in the field of business software. The customer service, accounting, eCommerce, and other applications crucial to operating a business today can also restrict your capabilities, squander your resources, and frustrate you to no end.

At SCS Cloud, our team of qualified experts is here to help you make the most of contemporary computing without encountering its challenges. For this reason, we regularly recommend NetSuite to our clients. NetSuite is a cloud-based, integrated set of applications, including ERP (Enterprise Resource Planning), CRM (Customer Relationship Management), PSA (Professional Services Automation), and eCommerce programs all tied to a single database.

Our apt advisers have helped hundreds of businesses overhaul and optimize their operations with NetSuite. In the following blog, learn about the top eight computerized conundrums a NetSuite consultant can solve for your business.

1.  Your enterprise is expanding too rapidly.

At first glance, you might think to yourself, how could this possibly be a problem? Of course, the goal for most companies is massive growth, a constantly expanding list of customers, products, services, and profits. However, with the wrong software system, booming your business too quickly could become a real difficulty.

For example, what do you do when your CRM software can’t handle the influx of new client names and shuts down entirely? How do you handle it when your ERP application wasn’t set up for thousands of accounts and takes a full five minutes to load each invoice? What are you supposed to do when your PSA software cannot accommodate the dozens of new tasks you need to add to it, and managers are left in the dark? What if your eCommerce platform suddenly crashes and you lose thousands of potential sales, right as your venture is going viral? These are all serious possible problems that could stop your company’s growth in its tracks or, even worse, shrink your revenues.

Unfortunately, stories of this occurring are all too common. That’s why our NetSuite consultants revamp our clients’ systems with NetSuite’s cloud-based apparatus. Since all the data on every NetSuite application is stored in a remote server and securely accessed via the Internet, a company’s growth can never outpace its programs. When a business using NetSuite expands exponentially, its database grows with it, supporting this expansion rather than hindering it.

2.  You suffer from database difficulties on a daily basis.

Your company data is the foundation of your business. You simply couldn’t run your enterprise without your inventory sheets, invoices, customer information, accounting ledgers, and a variety of other relevant statistics. Especially in our fast-paced digital world, you need to be able to pull data from your server, hard drive, or software program on an immediate basis. Waiting minutes for this information to load, dealing with constant glitching, or receiving outdated information can put a serious damper on your company’s productivity. A NetSuite consultant can help you transition to a streamlined, simple database that gives you instant access to all the information you need.

3.  Your business software is a disjointed jumble of applications.

This is one of the most common problems SCS Cloud’s NetSuite consultants come across when helping our clients. Having a laundry list of varied business software programs may seem like a necessity in this digital era, but, in fact, segmenting your workflow into myriad applications typically creates more issues than it solves. In the vast majority of cases, these dozens of programs are not interoperable, meaning that they cannot share data back and forth easily, which means your team is left keying in the same customer data multiple times. Furthermore, each application has its own interface for employees to learn and its own set of unique potential glitches. In short, running your business from these piecemeal programs is usually inefficient, ineffective, and frustrating.

NetSuite itself also points out that running your business from so many software programs can seriously impact your company’s basic functioning and bottom line: “when various front- and back-end systems run separately, it can wreak havoc on the processes that are meant to ensure your company is running smoothly. Without accurate data from sales, inventory management may suffer, while not having the latest information from accounting can trigger a ripple effect on everything from marketing to budgets to payroll.”

NetSuite solves this problem by offering virtually every application your enterprise needs from one intuitive interface, powered by one unified data source. When your CRM, ERP, PSA, and eCommerce functions are all on the same system, you won’t need to rekey information numerous times, hunt for data hidden in one of many applications, spend hours trying to convert files, or learn to navigate countless disparate dashboards. NetSuite can work with complementary applications as needed, but, in most cases, this system will cover everything your company requires. Our NetSuite consultants can help you make the switch from cluttered confusion to a straightforward, cloud-based system.

4.  You’re spending more hours on IT than business.

Your software is supposed to help you do business, not take over your enterprise entirely. If you use up more hours trying to get your applications to work than actually working, this defeats the

purpose of these programs. SCS Cloud’s NetSuite consultants can help you design a better system, plus we offer convenient, rapid phone and email tech support. We are at your beck and call - you can focus on your business while we ensure your software runs smoothly.

5.  Your team wastes time on unnecessarily tedious tasks.

Your employees’ time is valuable. Every minute a team member spends typing (and retyping) information into a database, waiting for a sluggish program to load, attempting to share data between two inoperable applications, or any other monotonous chores is a minute of true, profitable productivity lost. If you’ve been working with outdated business software for years, you might not even realize how much money you’re losing to this issue. A NetSuite consultant can evaluate your current system, identify areas of inefficiency, and devise a better solution for your company.

6.  Your NetSuite system isn’t quite what you’d wanted.

NetSuite is not a one-size-fits-all set of applications. Its value is in its versatility. If you’ve simply set up NetSuite on your company’s devices as-is, you may be disappointed with it. Perhaps you’d rather focus more computing power on CRM than ERP, or you’d like to configure the eCommerce dashboard differently. A NetSuite consultant can help you take advantage of its virtually infinite adaptability by comprehending exactly what you want and providing custom development to achieve it. When the SCS Cloud team of specialists works with our clients, we ensure that NetSuite meets their exact specifications, personalized to their particular preferences. This process of customization takes NetSuite from an excellent set of business applications to a system that can transform your enterprise.

7.  You have NetSuite, but aren’t really using it.

Even if you’ve already invested in NetSuite and set up your system, you may not be getting everything you can out of your cloud-based business software. To truly leverage their advantages, you must know how to utilize these applications. You and your team should feel comfortable and confident with NetSuite’s interface as you use it to contact customers, record invoices, plan projects, and more. SCS Cloud’s NetSuite consultants offer an array of onsite and remote training services and programs to help you take charge of your cloud based business software suite.

8.  You aren’t sure what’s wrong, but you know your software isn’t sufficient.

The field of business software is so overwhelmingly technical at times that you may feel unsatisfied with your system, but not exactly sure why. Perhaps your programs are just slower than you need them to be, or don’t quite present data in the most productive fashion, or there’s some other problem you can’t quite put your finger (or, perhaps, mouse) on. SCS Cloud’s NetSuite consultants will work closely with you to analyze your existing system, go over your concerns, and create a personalized plan to upgrade your business software. Rather than

struggling to figure out what’s wrong on your own or simply living with a sub-par system, let our team of professionals partner with you and address your concerns.

SCS Cloud Can Help You Handle these Digital Dilemmas

Are you grappling with one of the issues on this list? Are you ready to solve your quotidian computer quandaries with NetSuite? Do you want your NetSuite system to work better for you? SCS Cloud’s team of cloud masters is available to assist you! Contact us today to find out more and schedule your free consultation.

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