5 Tips for Easy, Breezy Training

Training on a new ERP/CRM (enterprise resource planning/customer relationship management) system doesn’t have to be a headache, not when the platform is as straightforward and customizable as NetSuite.  

But since any new system comes with a learning curve, we want to offer some tips to make the training experience as smooth as possible.

Here are 5 do’s and don’ts for an easy, breezy training experience.

Do Gather Everyone’s Ideas

Call it buy-in, if you will, because it certainly has that effect, but when it comes to implementing a new software platform and training employees on it, it’s important for everyone to feel included.  You do need an implementation and training leader, and you do want to have decision-makers named (which, in most cases, are already in place), but you may also be surprised at some of the ideas from Aaron in accounting and Suzy in sales.

No one knows the day-to-day needs of operation better than the boots on the ground, so gathering everyone’s training ideas/suggestions increases teamwork and gets everyone involved in problem-solving.

Do Appoint Area Experts

Depending on the size of your organization, it’s smart to have at least a few team members with additional and more advanced training on your new NetSuite system.  These internal experts can help save valuable time and money from your own IT department and external training resources.  Consider appointing area experts who:

  • Already have some computing or technical prowess.
  • Would be interested in being a resource to others to troubleshoot and train.
  • Could participate in some additional training to become more expert in NetSuite.
  • Have a valuable track record of high performance in their own areas, making them excellent peer coaches.

Even just one person in each department with some additional NetSuite training can make the entire NetSuite experience easier for all.

Don’t Single Anyone Out

Of course, some people have more facility with new technology and new systems.  The other side of that coin is that some people are the opposite--resistant to change, or simply awkward with newer technologies.  

Still, the training process goes more smoothly for everyone, if those who take to it a little more slowly do not feel singled out.  A buddy system, with a more adept trainee, often works better than leaving slower trainees in the dust.

Do Utilize Outside Resources

Just because you want internal area experts, and you may have a stellar internal IT department, doesn’t mean that you would not want to make use of external training resources.  Just as an “ounce of prevention is a pound of cure,” a few milligrams of training can translate into several kilos of increased productivity.

Your NetSuite implementation team, as well as SuiteApps recommended in the Oracle NetSuite universe, can become excellent resources for continued training.

Don’t Let the Training Stop

That brings us to tip #5.  As a “don’t,” we say, “Don’t let the training stop.”  As a “do,” one might say, “Do continue to train.”

NetSuite has innovation and evolution at its core. As updates become available, it updates immediately. That’s part of the beauty of cloud computing in general and NetSuite in particular.

So as your business continues to expand, as NetSuite continues to innovate, make learning a continuing process.  Every pro ball player returns for spring training.  Musicians may spend a few months on tour, but the other months are still spent practicing, writing, and making records.  Anyone who wishes to continue to enhance their game continues their education.

At SCS Cloud, we want to partner in your success.  We will see a project through from idea to implementation and training.  Contact us to find out how to get started.

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