What Is A NetSuite Solution Provider?

NetSuite is one of the most popular and versatile cloud-based business suites on the market, which is why the experts at SCS Cloud often recommend it to our clients. We are dedicated to offering superb, customized solutions to companies who want to streamline their operations, grow their profits, build relationships with customers, and more. Our specialists do all they can to enhance our service, and we offer outstanding outcomes as a result. That’s why SCS Cloud is an official NetSuite Solution Provider. We’ve gained entry into this esteemed network due to our unmatched professionalism and prowess. Read on to learn what the label of NetSuite Solution Provider entails and what we can do for you.

The Basics

As a top business software purveyor, NetSuite wants to partner with other high-caliber technology companies. This advanced software suite is best utilized and customized by equally dedicated firms. Experts in their fields can leverage NetSuite’s unique advantages to bolster their own clients’ businesses. Therefore, the corporation created a program to encourage innovative consultancies to continually expand on their NetSuite knowledge and offer the best possible care to customers. When businesses acquire the label of NetSuite Solution Provider, customers know they can be trusted to offer NetSuite’s most cutting-edge software with excellent service.

Types of NetSuite Solution Providers

One of the best things about NetSuite is how embracive its comprehensive collection of applications is. The suite of software includes E-commerce functions, a Customer Relationship Management (CRM) system, Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) solutions, and Professional Services Automation (PSA). NetSuite’s wide range of utilities makes it appealing to consulting companies in several sectors.

To collaborate with all kinds of businesses that benefit from NetSuite software, the company offers three types of Solution Provider partnerships:

  1. Accounting Firms with Technology Practices. Since NetSuite offers some of the most sophisticated software for E-commerce, accounting, and ERP, it follows that many of their most esteemed partners are tech-savvy accounting firms.
  2. Entrepreneurial Cloud Consultants. State-of-the-art software suites like those offered by NetSuite often require skilled specialists to truly harness their power. In addition, businesses of all sizes need help configuring (which may include coding), implementing, and learning how to use their systems.
  3. Experienced ERP Resellers. Since ERP is such an in-demand service, many companies purvey NetSuite’s ERP solution to their clientele. NetSuite wants to get its product out to as many businesses as possible, and ERP resellers are vital to help achieve this goal.

As you may have surmised, SCS Cloud falls within the second category. Our seasoned specialists offer important consulting to companies, in tandem with custom development, so they can reach their full potential.

The Program’s Prestige

Just as NetSuite is a top-tier business management technology, their Solution Provider program is also highly rated. According to a 2012 report, this partnership network received numerous 5-star ratings. The article further explains: “launched in 2002, the NetSuite Solution Provider Program is the industry’s leading cloud channel partner program and unites hundreds of channel partners and their cloud opportunities with industry-leading margins and incentives.” Furthermore, the company’s Vice President of Channel Sales, Craig West, noted: “Consecutive Five-Star ratings for our Solution Provider program is a clear validation of NetSuite’s dedication to providing its partners the leading support, enablement, and education they need to be successful doing business in the cloud.” This mutually beneficial plan helps businesses boom with the power of the cloud.

Advantages of Becoming a NetSuite Solution Provider

NetSuite offers “unprecedented benefits” to its partners. Those who join this partnership learn of the software’s latest developments months before others, receive exclusive “web-based and in-person training,” educate themselves with “proven sales and marketing resources,” and many other “key benefits”. All of these advantages help SCS Cloud reach and transform exponentially more enterprises using NetSuite’s invaluable applications.

Earning the Title

In accordance with the absolute value offered by this program, gaining the title of NetSuite Solution Provider is no simple task. As key benefits, there are less than 500 consulting companies who have won this honor worldwide. To qualify as a NetSuite Solution Provider, SCS Cloud had to:

  • Meet “technical certification requirements,” demonstrating expertise in the software.
  • Train and maintain an “accredited sales staff” to enlighten clients on the product.
  • Provide “executive sponsorship by vendor senior management.”
  • Stay in line with “business planning requirements,” developing an exact, intelligent strategy to expand.
  • Show proficiency in “technology specialization.”
  • And more.

We worked tirelessly to deserve and uphold this distinctive designation, ensuring that we can provide exceptional service to you.

SCS Cloud Provides NetSuite Solutions

As an acclaimed NetSuite Solution Provider, SCS Cloud is ready to help you tackle any challenge you may face and boost your business with this software suite. In addition to support and training, we can help you customize your system and implement this program. Contact us today to learn more about NetSuite and key benefits.


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