In this video Josh explains what our CFO and Controller customers love about NetSuite's financial reporting.


     As you can see, NetSuite is highly customizable and helps make the accounting process more efficient with the ability to create, access, and customize important financial statements. Having access to income statements by department, location, class, accounting period, etc., allows you to slice and dice in real time.

     The ability to customize new fields is really helpful if you deal with alternative financial reporting structures. NetSuite has customizable functionality and segmentation to assist with automation. Another nice feature when exporting to Excel is that it maintains formatting so functions remain usable. Of course you can export to PDF, CSV, and Word or you can print, email, or even schedule reports to show up on someone's terminal daily if need be.

     We've helped our customers gain the ability to view on a subsidiary level as well as on a consolidated level where they are at any point in the month in real time. SCS Cloud is here to make your month end close a whole lot easier. 

 If you would like to find out more about how SCS Cloud can help your company expand utilizing all of the NetSuite functions email us.


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